The cold climate causes various problems for Nordic companies and organizations. Wintertime icing causes some systems to function abnormally or not at all. This in turn might cause increased operating and maintenance expenses. So far there is no overall structure working to solve problems related to to wintertime icing in the concerned region. As a result of this problem solving is not systematically practiced and recent progress within related research has not been fully implemented in industry. NoICE will gather existing and develop new research related to problems caused by wintertime icing and implement it on key-industries. This knowledge will then be shared with project stake holders e.g. within the business networks.

We have conducted research in the following areas:
  • Anti icing
  • De-icing
  • Icing monitoring
  • Weather
  • Atmospheric icing
  • Icephobic surfaces
  • Remote sensing
  • Ice accretion
  • Radiation propagation

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